Advanced Essence: The Pearl

This is the very intimate and precious experience of ME as the personal manifestation of Essential Nature. It is what Osho calls INDIVIDUALITY.
All the different qualities of Essence: value, power, will, strength, peace, loving kindness, joy etc. exist as impersonal, ever present universal qualities.
As we realize our true nature and align ourselves with Truth all the qualities begin to integrate in us and we develop and evolve as integrated human beings. The Truth becomes embodied in our flesh and we evolve towards becoming the true embodied manifestations of love and awareness.
As we recognize that Being does not only exist as a vast and impersonal reality but also as a very personal one than we feel complete, full, an individual. The conflict between individualism and individuality is solved and we become harmonious, contactful and involved.
Great part of the journey is about polishing the Pearl until it shines to its full potential.

1. Essence Experiential Training
2. Freedom to be yourself 1: mastering the Inner Judge

"Every program and retreat I have done with the Integral Being Institute has been an incredible adventure, full of profound growth and learning."

- Lisa Gaines
Development Pathway Manager

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