Advanced Essence: The Absolute

How shall I describe the Mystery? How to describe the experience of the
Ultimate Nature of Reality? The Absolute is Being, vastness and unlimited
space, creative source of all that is, includes everything and, at the same
time, is beyond all form and manifestation.
The Absolute is “Always and Already”: always here and already present.
There is nothing we need to do to reach it neither we need to seek in time
and space; the Absolute is here/now, ready to be experienced: we are
immersed in it and we co-create it. When we do experience it every
distinction disappears, every concept dissolves, the witness comes to know
himself and the whole world as pure presence which is the flow of universal
In this course we focus on the obstacles that hinder our experience of the
Absolute, the fears and the beliefs that support and re-create a description of
reality made of objects, we face our prejudices and spiritual concepts so that
we can have a direct experience of the Great Spirit, the Source.

1. Essence Experiential Training
2. Freedom to be yourself 1: mastering the Inner Judge

"Every program and retreat I have done with the Integral Being Institute has been an incredible adventure, full of profound growth and learning."

- Lisa Gaines
Development Pathway Manager

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