Advanced Essence: The Authentic Self

As we understand and uncover more and more how we have identified with
a false sense of self conditioned by family and culture and how this
identification is based on survival fear, two questions become fundamental:
“Who am I?” and “What is the meaning of my life?”.
This is the journey of discovery of the Authentic Self, which we call The
Point of Light. The Point of Light is the unique manifestation of the
Absolute, of God, of Primary Awareness, in each of us.
The Point is Being experienced as our true identity.
It is the Universal Self embodied in me, you and everybody else. It is the
deep memory of our divine nature shining within.
This light is obscured by the false identity that we call “I” and our
identification with it in order to survive and feel special. This illusion of
being special ends up hiding the reality of being unique.
The main issue of this part of the work with Essence is Narcissism: what it
is, how it manifests, how it separates us from reality, how it blocks our
evolution, how it keeps creating images and fictions that make us dependent
from the approval of others and become barriers against discovering our
original face.

Dimensions of Being: Essence Experiential Training

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- Lisa Gaines
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