Resting in Natural Authority

We look in new and deeper ways into the basic steps of liberation from the judge and the effects these steps have on ourselves and the people around us.
We face the issue of authority and our relation to it, both the external and the internal one; we inquire into the issue of loyalty to different authorities: family, religion, nation, teachers, ideals etc. and the results that this loyalty produces in daily life.
We explore how our reactivity binds us to an infantile dimension capable only to experience authority as external. We recognize our capacity and natural intelligence in discriminating between the true authority and the false, egoic and narcissistic one.
And, most of all, we begin to recognize and honor our Natural Authority as we explore its symptoms, facets and ways to support it.

"Every program and retreat I have done with the Integral Being Institute has been an incredible adventure, full of profound growth and learning."

- Lisa Gaines
Development Pathway Manager

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