Tantra: Freedom and intimacy


   Tantra is Love. Love that recognizes and understands the intrinsic unity of what is. Love that practices every day non-separation, union with the Self and the other, whatever and whoever the other might be. Love that doesn’t comment, judge and divide and consciously seeks meeting, fusion, synthesis.
Tantra is the melting and dissolving of the fear of disappearing of the separate ego; it is going beyond the boundaries of personality, one step at the time, with tenderness and commitment. Tantra is union with the body, with the emotions, with  the mind, with the soul; union that through its manifesting frees us from self-judgement, from prejudice towards the world, from the need to make ourselves  and the others different, from the effort of controlling our experience, from the agony of feeling isolated and out of place. Tantra is letting go and surrendering to what is in the present moment. Tantra is the supreme understanding that each one of us already exists as a complete, integrated and unique manifestation, and that it is through this uniqueness that the Kosmos knows itself in an ever-original way.

Tantra is the expression of our remembrance, our passion and reference for Life.
Tantra is the excitement of experiencing the continuous unfoldment of the mystery of this moment with innocence, curiosity and absolute participation.

Tantra is the meeting of Meditation and Love.

“Meditation means the capacity to be absolutely alone, and Love means the capacity to be absolutely together. Love means rejoicing relatedness; Meditation means rejoicing solitude, aloneness. Both do the same work, because on both the paths the ego disappears.“  Osho


Freedom to Be Yourself: Mastering the Inner Judge 

Retreats are held in Italian. Translation to English is available and we will need to know at least two weeks prior beginning of the course.


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- Lisa Gaines
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