Awareness Intensive Training

The quest for Who is in? and Who am I? is as old as humanity. These life-koans are the core questions for every human being, no matter if man or woman, young or old, stupid or clever, seeker or business man. All other life-koans are aspects of this master key koans: What is life, love, freedom, consciousness, another? to name a few. We cannot answer life-koans but only live them by experiencing directly.
The key is to go into them. Relaxation, trust, love, openness for oneself and others will grow simultaneously with understanding. In the Awareness Intensive Retreat, the ancient Zen technique of facing the wall in silence is combined with the modern technique of structured communication facing a partner. Opening oneself in the presence of another person supports the incentive for the inquiry into who one truly is. As we move inside, the connection our resources gets strengthened. We experience an infinite pool of creativity and Being, becoming ready to live our potential more fully.

Though the work is not geared towards change it evokes profound change. Though it’s not therapy, it is highly therapeutic. Apart from the obvious benefits of being in the moment, there are many others hidden in this process: we learn to listen, we learn to see and feel ourselves and others. We can experience the uniqueness and ways of Being and learn to give space to ourselves and others. We get to know and speak our truth independently of the image we carry and we can come in touch with the relaxation and joy which manifest as we connect with ourselves. Trust, love, freedom and consciousness grow inside by opening up and ripple toward others. In fact, we don’t know a better school for relationships.

These and many other paradoxes are the hidden treasures of the process. The Technique allows each participant to move into their uniqueness, live in the moment, and expand into the unknown. It really is a training for life. The Training is for everybody who has taken part in Who is in? and/or Satori before and wants to deepen their understanding of the process, or wants to acquire the skill to lead it.

The Training will be in three parts

Part I - September 17/23 2018,  Avikal + Kapil, Villaggio Globale - Subject: The frame of the process: Technique, Structure, Active Meditations (in italian with possibility of English translation)

Part II - ?February 18/24 2019, Modulo 2, Avikal + Kapil, Cascina Cavalta - Subject: Working with people: Interviewing, Assisting, Co-leading and Leading (in italian with possibility of English translation)

Part III - Maggio 1/7  2019, Avikal + Ganga, Slovenia - Subject: Open according to requirements of participants. Subjects will be determined at the end of Part II; also: how to deal with borderlines, illnesses, diet. (In English with Italian translation)

In all three parts we will have theoretical as well as experiential sections. We will work with a video camera to add a neutral source of feedback to the spoken one.

Certification requires participation in all three parts as well as supervised hours assisting and co-leading during the duration of the training.

Avikal: info@integralbeing.com

Ganga: info@awareness-academy.com

"Every program and retreat I have done with the Integral Being Institute has been an incredible adventure, full of profound growth and learning."

- Lisa Gaines
Development Pathway Manager

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