When the Ocean Dissolves into the Drop. Osho, Love, Truth and me

There is a point beyond which physics cannot venture: the event horizon, a region of space-time where phenomena cannot be registered. The event horizon is a bodiless border on the edge of a black hole; anything that the black hole’s gravitational field attracts beyond this border will be unable to come back. All possibility of exploration stops here: no unfortunate astronaut who free-fell into the black hole could ever return. We do not know what lies in the black hole, beyond the event horizon. Science has never reached the other side.

But spiritual seekers who make a leap beyond—yes, they know. And that is the subject of this book: the possibility of exploring beyond an imaginary confine, a journey of awareness in which one can enter, register phenomena, evaluate their implications, and reemerge with one’s results. There is still a point of no return, but it is of a different kind: it is a threshold beyond which you can never be as you were, and from which you can never turn back. You cannot put your awakened self to death. Sri Ramana Maharshi explains this well: if the bucket (the ego) dips into the well (the self), but the cord is not severed, the ego can return, even after years of absence. In sahaja, though, one’s natural state, this cord is finally severed and the ego cannot return. Here, in this book, Avikal takes us down into that well and shows us how to go about severing that rope.
From the introduction by Ma Prem Kiya/ Ida Panicelli

Edizioni LSWR, Milan 2016

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Without a Mask. Discovering your Authentic Self

O books, UK and USA 2011


Who is behind the mask that we have learnt to wear in order to survive and function in the world? Who are we really, behind familial and social conditioning? Is it possible to be spontaneous and authentic, or is it just an infantile desire to leave behind along with our dreams? This book tackles these themes and offers understanding and techniques for recognising our authentic Self, helping us to realise that behind the personality mask there is a mysterious universe, an ocean of potentiality, and that is our true nature. When we begin to fully understand, the command “know yourself” will no longer just be the preserve of philosophers and mystics, but will offer us the opportunity to ask the right questions, those that enable us to lift the veil that hides our true face and find peace and fulfilment.

Buy on www.o-books.com using this link http://www.o-books.com/books/without-a-mask

or on www.amazon.com using this link  http://www.amazon.com/Without-Mask-Discovering-Your-Authentic/dp/184694533X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1327383833&sr=8-1


Freedom to be yourself. Mastering the Inner Judge

O Books, UK and USA 2012


Inner judge, superego, barking dog are some of the different names for that presence that judges and evaluates every aspect of our inner and outer experience. The judgment is so fundamental to the way we function that we not only take it for granted, but accept it even when it is the cause of great suffering, misunderstanding and conflict.

Many traditions take this presence to be one of the greatest obstacles on the spiritual path and in the endeavour of personal realisation.

In Freedom to be Yourself, Avikal E. Costantino uses his more than thirty years experience of psychological and spiritual seeking to unravel the way this judge works and to show how it limits personal growth, sexuality, affective and work relationships, as well as any original expression of our potential. He provides exercises and inquiry to recognise the presence of the judge in daily life and to begin the concrete transformation in our capacity of loving, creativity and individuality.

Buy on www.amazon.com using this link  http://www.amazon.com/Freedom-Be-Yourself-Avikal-Constantino/dp/1780991916/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1343288257&sr=1-3&keywords=avikal+costantino




Überleben oder Leben: Vom Umgang mit dem inneren Kritiker in schwierigen Zeiten

Innenwelt Verlag, Germany 2009


Buy on www.amazon.de or www.innenwelt-verlag.de

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