Posted on Jul 24, 2013 by Avikal
If we stop and just for a few moments take the time to contemplate ourselves and our lives, it is not difficult to recognise, and perhaps even experience right now, the inner feeling that we are different from anybody else.
I feel I am an individual. You probably feel the same or have felt it in the past. Everybody I have asked has, at times very intensely, at times as a background vibration, had this perception. I am myself, the good and the bad, the light and the shadow, what I like and show, what I condemn and hide. I am all of that.
This is a true and ultimate....[read more...]

Strength: The lion-heart
Being present is a powerful experience but is not, unfortunately, sufficient in most cases to stop the superego’s attacks and to eradicate this coercive mechanism. The judge is, fundamentally, aggressive and oppressive and for years this fear of being attacked has forced us to direct our rage against our impulses. These impulses (called the Id in Freudian terminology) are been driven back into the unconscious, resulting in repression of our vitality. When we make developing our defence from the superego the centre of the work on ourselves, the....[read more...]

Will: The solid mountain.
In order for us to turn against the superego, the ego needs to have two qualities above all others: will and strength. Will gives us a strong determination and commitment to want to know ourselves, together with the ability to support ourselves during the long journey of self-discovery.It also gives us the confidence that is necessary to look the monster in the eyes, continuing to remain present in the moment, instead of engaging our attention in compulsive dynamics with the superego. The will supports our desire for freedom and enables us to reject....[read more...]

Let me summarise how you can find the Freedom to be Yourself…

Uncovering the Inner Judge
There isn’t a moment in our waking hours that the inner judge is not present. We are not aware of it for the very simple reason that around age seven or eight the controller went completely underground, in hiding in our unconscious and functioning from there. The disguise is so perfect that we have completely forgotten we can exist without self-judgement and we have become utterly used to the continuous noise of our inner dialog. This dialog....[read more...]

Being truly oneself, what a delightful thought! And yet, how difficult it is when situations arise where it seems our survival, image and, relationships are at stake! Most often in those situations we switch to automatic pilot and, most often, we tend to repeat ourselves: what we say, what we feel, how we act. In fact being oneself is not exactly easy as we believe from our very depth that somehow we need to adjust and adapt if we want to survive; another challenging relationship, another disillusion, another loss, or get out on top in our job, or winning a discussion. Freedom is very....[read more...]


Freedom from Guilt 3

Posted on Jun 26, 2012 by Avikal
From feeling/attention to thinking/imagination
The imperative in this case is: Move away from the present!
This is best done by moving one’s attention away from the sensory and emotional aspects of the experience in hand at that moment.
You might have noticed how guilt is initially experienced as an often-overwhelming constellation of many different sensory and emotional elements and how, in the blink of an eye, to avoid the feeling of “not being in control”, our tendency is to break connection with the sensory....[read more...]


Freedom from Guilt 2

Posted on Apr 04, 2012 by Avikal
Guilt as defense

Most people believe guilt is an emotion. However, guilt is a much more complex phenomena as it involves thought patterns, beliefs, concepts, emotions and physical sensations. Depending on the structure of our personality, we will have a particular way of experiencing guilt: for some people it is fundamentally a mental activity, a run of thoughts and contrasting points of view, for others it is a feeling of being crushed, associated with despair, helplessness, unworthiness, for others it is a heavy mantel that freezes the body, either....[read more...]


Freedom from Guilt 1.

Posted on Mar 01, 2012 by Avikal
There is no way that we can be free of guilt as long as we believe we are the reduced ego of the personality. As we keep identifying with a fundamental lie - the mask of what I believe I am, learnt through conditioning and protected by the superego activity - we are in a constant state of self-deceit and self-conceit. In this state of subversion of the Natural State, which is the state of Wholeness and Integrity, we keep dividing ourselves and reality between good and bad, allowed and not, condemned and valued. In this state of disconnection we are enslaved by our past and in a....[read more...]


In praise of rebellion

Posted on Jan 09, 2012 by Avikal
Rebellion is an effervescence in the soul, a creative whirlwind of awareness, and the natural drive of evolutionary instinct that takes form. To stop rebelling means to stop evolving, which means an attempt to halt this natural force; a natural force that continuously seeks self-expression in the present moment, creating what I am moment by moment in a new, original and unpredictable way. To stop rebelling means betraying the fundamental pulsing of desire and of the life force that every one of us manifests in a way that is unique and unrepeatable. It means betraying the great Cosmic....[read more...]


Waking up is not enough. 3

Posted on Jan 07, 2012 by Avikal
Cleaning up: to know my shadow and purify myself of my reactivity.
Most people believe and hope that a final moment exists when everything is done, concluded, when only light is left, when integration is complete and perfect.
This hope prevents them the living of THIS moment and the reality of light/shadow.
“A clinical psychiatrist questioned Suzuki Roshi about consciousness. “I don’t know anything about consciousness,” Suzuki said. “I just try to teach my students how to hear the birds sing.”
When we let go....[read more...]


Waking up is not enough. 2

Posted on Dec 22, 2011 by Avikal
What does it mean to become an adult? What does it mean to mature emotionally?
In my personal experience everything has been a big mess until I didn’t realize experientially:
1. That there was a fundamental difference between emotions and feelings. That emotions are feelings locked in time and charged with values, judgments, beliefs,habits and, more than anything else, attachment. Emoting then has nothing to do with the present but it is rather a reactivity that repeats acquired patterns.
2. That I had learnt to feel from the feminine....[read more...]


Waking up is not enough.

Posted on Nov 25, 2011 by Avikal
This blog is the first of a new series and you are invited to actively participate.
Lets get clear! Lets throw down from the altars the idols of the past and the idealizations of a spirituality of renunciation, a spirituality stuck on transcendence and far away from daily life. Its time is past! What is the sense today of sitting under a tree deep into one’s own realization while ignoring life, affects, challenges, creativity and evolutionary responsibility?
My personal experience, my life as an Osho’s disciple, the very longing of my....[read more...]



Posted on Sep 04, 2011 by Avikal
Below you will find a circular process of understanding that begins with enlightenment and ends with enlightenment showing in a concise way the connection between the idea of enlightenment, ego, the identification with the body, the duality inside/outside, the formation of the concept of time/space and the urge to become rather than be.
1. Enlightenment doesn’t exist but for the ego believing in its own ignorance. Only in personality exists the conviction that there is something deeply wrong in ourselves and that therefore we need to change. This conviction is so....[read more...]


Don't let your understanding become more baggage!

Posted on Aug 08, 2011 by Avikal
It’s now more that ten years that I teach how to change our relationship with the Inner Judge.
Thousands of people have passed through my courses and those facilitated by Karuna, Kapil and Rani, and one thing is clear: what we teach does work.
But, does it work for everybody?
No, it doesn’t work for all the people and it does work in different ways too.
What then makes the difference? What makes the teaching and the understanding efficient for some and not for others? What makes it a dead weight for some....[read more...]


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