I was born in Sicily in 1950.
Since I can remember I wanted to know who I was and what was I doing on this Blessed Planet.
When I was 33 I realised that I needed help so I became a disciple of the indian mystic Osho.
In 1998 I remembered myself and the search ended.
Since then I live in wonder of the mystery.
In 2004 I founded the Integral Being Institute to share my love of the Truth with the intent of integrating spirituality into everyday life.


When you know who you are
and realise that you are not,
do not buy into the saintly foolishness
of retreating from the world,
do not wipe out life as illusion.
Enough of the deadly poisoning of arrogant escape!
Come to the valley with a bottle in your hand and let's meet in the tavern.
Open – my brother – the flower of life.
Let's get drunk and lose ourselves
in the beauty of the gift
we have received.


"Every program and retreat I have done with the Integral Being Institute has been an incredible adventure, full of profound growth and learning."

- Lisa Gaines
Development Pathway Manager

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